Storage Made Easy provides a Cloud Storage gateway in which we sync file meta-data but all files continue to reside on the original storage platform. In this way we are able to offer value added services and clients to existing cloud storage providers, and also enables us to provide a single cloud file system which enables files to be managed from one cloud file tree.

Our focus is on providing data access and services for individuals and small businesses, but if you have found us and have no storage solution we can offer you a dedicated package in which the data you upload is stored on Amazon S3. The Amazon S3 cloud is one of the most reliable storage service available on the offsite storage market today.

The Cloud Storage Providers we currently support include Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Box.net, MobileME, Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Microsoft Live Mesh, GMail-as-a-Cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, and any WebDav enabled cloud.

We provide a rich client Web UI, Windows tooling, Mac tools, as well as many channels to access your data such as the iPhone, Google Gadget, Firefox Plug-In, Facebook and integration with other products such as Microsoft Office and Open Office.


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