10 unique Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric features


1. Unify and Work with content from anywhere – on-cloud or on-premises

SME, corporate content on-premises and on-cloud can be combined into a single place for easy access, management and compliance.


2. Sync anywhere

Sync data from Cloud to Cloud, from Cloud to desktop or from Cloud to mobile.





3. Cloud Drive

SME delivers the last mile of data right into the users desktop with home drives. These are real native network drives not pseudo webdav drives. Browse masses of data that simply cannot be replicated down to the desktop and download on demand as needed.   


4. Detailed Audit reporting for all file events from all data

Make all data compliant and trackable.






5. Promote secure controlled file sharing with two factor file sharing and policies.


6. Automatically edit files from the Web UI in native desktop applications using the unique CloudEdit feature.





 7. Integrate with LDAP and Active Directory

And modify permissions at any level of the folder hierarchy!


8. Enable file access over legacy protocols

Such as FTP, WebDav, SFTP or new protocols such as Amazon S3, even if the underlying Cloud Storage does not natively support them!



9. Email files directly into folders using the SME FileBox feature.


10. Integrates with corporate productivity apps

Outlook, Mac Mail, MS Office, Libre Office, etc.



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