SME Site infrastructure upgrade

We upgraded our site infrastructure early this morning. This means that we are now running on an improved server farm. For most regions the DNS should have propagated for the new server farm, however for those who may still experience some intermittent issues, it may be down to your machine or browser cache.

To force a browser cache refresh, empty your browser cache. You can also force your laptop / desktop to refresh its cache by:


Leopard: dscacheutil -flushcache from Terminal

Tiger: lookupd -flushcache from Terminal


ipconfig /flushdns from the DOS command prompt


restart the nscd daemon

The old site had the IP address and the new IP address is We added a forwarder for any users in regions who DNS propagation is taking time. This should work with the site and the API but it will not with WebDav. You will just need to wait for DNS propagation to take place for WebDav.

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