5 not so well known Apps to secure and protect your Android device in 2020

Android Security AppsAs smartphone devices become more sophisticated and are built to retain and interact  with all our personal /company digital information the more it makes sense to ensure that they are properly secured.

To that end below are 5 not so well known Apps, in no particular order, that you can use to achieve this:

1. Bouncer – Bouncer is designed to allow the issue of temporary App permissions each time an App is used ie. not forever. When the App is closed the permissions can easily be revoked and reset resulting in better for protection for you device.

2. NoRoot Firewall – NoRoot Firewall is similar to Little Snitch for OSX in that Apps have to be granted permission to access the internet. The clever piece is that it implements itself as loopback VPN that force you to grant access for an app that wants to access the internet for your device, even system apps.

3. Glasswire – GlassWire’s mobile firewall shows what apps are using phone data. It enables you to quickly keep track of mobile data usage and Wi-Fi Internet activity and to easily block badly behaving apps.

4. Island -Island enables apps to be cloned and used in a sandboxed environment to isolate them from accessing personal data.  It is also very useful for sandboxing APK’s that may need to be installed direct outside of the play store

5. ProtonVPN – ProtonVPN is from the same company that make the secure ProtonMail. It is a free VPN that does not record browsing history,  and does not sell data to third parties, and is completely free and unrestricted. You can find other premium VPN providers to protect Android devices here.

And of course we would be remiss in not throwing our own App into the mix, The File Fabric multi-cloud file manager. The File Fabric App requires a File Fabric Account and can be used with existing file storage services, such as Amazon S3, Azure etc, to securely share objects/files via a URL that can be set to require passwords, time expiry, download limits etc. File access is audited track and the App can be used to upload and encrypt files directly from a phone or tablet.







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