A closer look at Storage Made Easy’s newly released HTML5 PDF Annotations for Team Collaboration

Storage Made Easy recently announced it’s HTML5 PDF annotations feature in which PDF’s can be annotated online from the web or from certain desktop and mobile Apps that SME provides.

This post takes a closer at what this feature provides.

In the first instance the feature enables any PDF file, stored on any of the 50 public / private clouds that SME supports, to be rendered and worked upon directly from a web browser with no flash plugin but using the native browser via the use of HTML5.

Once the document is rendered then a user can apply annotations to a document. The Annotations are visible via a bar at the foot of the document:

HTML Annotations

Annotation types provided are:

  • Highlight
  • Redaction
  • Markup and annotate a region
  • Notes
  • Shapes – filled and outline – Circle and Rectangle
  • Stamp with user defined messages
  • Signature

Below shows a document with the various options used on the document:

PDF Annotations

The failure to properly redact can mean that companies release confidential information that should have been removed. When a page in a file is redacted and then saved as a new pdf SME converts that page to an image when re-saving the PDF to ensure none of the redacted text can be read either in the PDF or in the meta information associated with the PDF.

Annotations can also be saved and worked on between teams with each team member notes being identified as to the team member who made them.

PDF Annotations team

Where Annotation events are made these are recorded to the SME Audit Log for data governance purposes:

Cloud Storage File Auditing



The Storage Made Easy annotation feature solves the issue many companies have with regards to their employees having PDF productivity challenges often associated with being unable to locate and track such documents, control versions and ultimately efficiently complete reviews.

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