A look at retaining Brand Identity using Storage Made Easy’s File Fabric self-service branding features

Corporate brand identity management is a key issue for any organisation. Various surveys have indicated that companies who pay special attention to their corporate brand identity  influence employees’ commitment to their organisations, in addition to consolidating their brand identity.

To that end Storage Made Easy has consistently provided a way to brand their File Fabric Solution, either when used as a federated fabric or as a dedicated solution for storage solutions such as OpenStack.

Lets take a look at some of the ways in which the self service features can be used to self-brand.

First lets take a look at the web appliance. The web piece of the solutions can be fully customised and branded by the Appliance Administrator tenant using the ‘look and feel’ option after login.

The initial options enable the main the main site settings, logo, etc to be changed.

Sync Share branding

Additional options include more detailed look and feel options for all aspects of the pages and the file manager.


EFSS branding

Advance options include complete customization of the sites CSS, images and fonts.

File sharing branding

On top of this theme packs can be created and applied to the file manager to “skin” it as required.

In this way the entire web application can be changed to suit a companies brand identity.

For the desktop Apps Storage Made Easy provides Apps for Administrators that enable them to create custom binaries to give to their users that enable complete customization of not only the App setup, name, logo etc but also the features it contains.

Windows Cloud Apps Packager

Brand Cloud Storage

Prevent DropBox

Windows brand Cloud

We recognise that today workplace is heterogeneous so we also provide Mac App customisation Apps as well as Windows:

Mac branded cloud storage

Mac cloud storage

Brand Mac App

Similarly for mobile Apps Storage Made Easy provides similar Apps to easily brand and customise Apps. Bellows an example of the Android App:

Android App creator

Android App Packager

In summary Storage Made Easy provide Corporate brand identity management for a fully featured Enterprise file share and sync solution for federate or individual cloud storage solutions, such as OpenStack.

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