Access any Storage Cloud via S3 API? There is a solution for that!

Unarguably the Amazon S3 API has become the de-facto standard API for business applications to store unstructured data, but there has  never been an easy solution to:

  • Locally develop and test applications
  • Migrate workloads from Amazon S3 to other commodity object storage clouds that provide cheaper storage.

Object Storage vendors with proprietary API’s have found themselves in a position of having to provide S3 API entry points into their object storage or be left behind. We have even seen vendors trumpeting their S3 compatibility as a weapon in the sales war with other vendors.

How great would it be if we did not care what the back end storage cloud was, be it object file or block, and you could S3 enable it on-demand as needed?

Well that is exactly what one of the features of the Storage Made Easy Enterprise Sync and Share Fabric solution. The clever stuff happens via the SME protocol gateway which is equipped with an S3 protocol adaptor. This adaptor enables any cloud added to the SME appliance to be accessed by native S3 Apps or indeed by the various AWS S3 language-specific bindings which include SDKs for Java, .NET, Javascript, and Go.

All that needs to be changed is the endpoint which needs to point to the deployed SME server instance. You can learn more about that here.S3 API to any Cloud

This means that if you want to make a storage service such as DropBox, Office 365, Sharepoint, or Google Drive accessible over S3 you can. SME supports over 50 connectors to on-premises or on-cloud storage.

SME also ships with other protocol adaptors such as FTP, SFTP, WebDav and CMIS. They provide similar functionality. If you want to use Amazon S3 but expose FTPS to your customers, with sophisticated permissioning, no problem, easy to achieve with the SME FTP protocol adaptor.

In a world of standards, de facto or not, interoperability is key to accessing and integrating enterprise data sets.

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