Using Storage Made Easy File Fabric with Exoscale Object Storage

Exoscale is a Swiss-based cloud services platform providing hosting and infrastructure services, including storage, throughout central Europe. This article walks through adding Exoscale object storage to the Enterprise File Fabric. For information on launching the Enterprise File Fabric from on the Exoscale cloud platform itself see Getting Started with Exoscale.

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Storage Made Easy Adds Support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric™ platform now supports Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage as a first-class storage provider. It’s been one of our most requested storage providers. Many organizations are already using Backblaze for cloud backup and want other data and workflows to take advantage of low cost cloud storage.

This blog walks through setting up a Backblaze B2 provider, highlighting some of the nifty features as well as nuances and recommended settings.

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Azure Storage Drive and Explorer

We’re pleased to announce the releases of Storage Made Easy Azure Storage Drive and Storage Made Easy Azure Storage Explorer for Microsoft Azure Blob storage. Joining our family of standalone desktop apps, these new drive and explorer releases allow end users to interact with Azure object storage through familiar interfaces.

With high scalability and availability Azure object storage is increasingly a secure and cost-effective choice for hosting corporate documents and files. The challenge is that object storage can be difficult for end users to use particularly given that the object paradigm is different from what users are used to with traditional file and block storage.

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