Enhanced Two Factor Authentication Update

Storage Made Easy recently rolled out an enhancement to its enterprise-grade security features by updating and enhancing its Two Factor authentication. This enhanced capability now works across  all desktop and mobile applications.

For Personal Cloud Accounts the Two Factor Authentication can be switched on from the Cloud DashBoard. For Team Accounts the Admin user can force the use of Two Factor Authentication from the Security Options tab:

Two Factor options Supported are:

  • Two Factor phrase delivery by email
  • A preset phrase that needs to be entered
  • Google Authenticator

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Governance of your Data is not a strategy it is essential !

Are you wringing your hands about contemplating a data governance strategy. Wondering where it is in your list of projects to accomplish ?

Without a doubt it should be at the top. A companies most important irreplaceable asset is it data, period. This should not be even up for discussion. On this premise protecting that data should be a number one priority for CIO’s, Corporate IT, SMB’s and even sole traders.

In our hyperconnected world the illusion of privacy is over. A data leak can escalate quickly and it can do serious repudatory damage and could lead to fines and worse, depending on the legalities of data compliance in your industry.

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Caught out by the Instapaper outage – easily backup articles to any cloud storage

Instapaper recently had a fairly major outage in which access to data was down and then when the service was back online, access was restricted to a limited number of articles saved before full access was resumed.

Instapaper of course is viewed as a consumer service but it is used by a surprising number of business users, myself included, for archived article access.

In my case; as much as the articles, it is the link to those articles that I do not wish to lose and I used the SME Cloud Migration service to ensure they are backed up, in my case to the Amazon S3 cloud (which I have configured to also backup to Google Nearline).

Let me step you through how easy it is to backup articles stored on Instapaper using the SME hosted service (this is also applicable to the SME enterprise solution).

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Step-by-step guide to authenticate with the Enterprise File Fabric API using Python

Over the past week I’ve been busy creating Python scripts to automate certain processes here in the SME DevOps team.

One of my main objectives has been to create a script that interacts with the SME API to check the health of specific functions, for this task I decided to opt for the language of ‘DevOps’ Python. Whilst I do not profess to be a Python expert in any way I felt that this is a language is one that I have become accustomed too and am able to ‘get by’ with. The nice thing with Python are the extensive libraries that are readily available, and the fact that they are fairly easy to use (of course, only if you have some background experience with Python).

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Working with Amazon S3 IAM User Profiles and The Enterprise File Fabric

Amazon S3 FolderAlthough the File Fabric supports sophisticated permissions for Amazon S3, AWS provides the ability to setup specific profiles using Amazon IAM (Identity and Account Management).

If you have  existing users setup using Amazon S3 profiles via IAM, in which they have been set specific permissions to access a bucket, for use with the Enterprise File Fabric you will need to generate a keypair for each user. Continue reading “Working with Amazon S3 IAM User Profiles and The Enterprise File Fabric”

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My Favourite Feature: PDF Annotation Editor

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution enables the ability to annotate PDF documents directly from the browser and across the desktop and mobile Apps.

My name is Caroline and I am Senior Finance Officer at Storage Made Easy. In my role, I often find myself juggling several different tasks at any given moment, with some requiring me to review and annotate PDF documents.

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My Favourite Feature: File Locking

SME File Locking IconMy name is Giada and I am Sales Director for Storage Made Easy.

One of the principles of the company is to work with the clients, understand their business and build a product that satisfy their needs by enhancing a feature-rich interface.  File locking is one of the most needed by organizations in today’s business environment. Users are constantly working on the same document and a restriction to file access is sometimes mandatory.

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