Azure Storage Drive and Explorer

We’re pleased to announce the releases of Storage Made Easy Azure Storage Drive and Storage Made Easy Azure Storage Explorer for Microsoft Azure Blob storage. Joining our family of standalone desktop apps, these new drive and explorer releases allow end users to interact with Azure object storage through familiar interfaces.

With high scalability and availability Azure object storage is increasingly a secure and cost-effective choice for hosting corporate documents and files. The challenge is that object storage can be difficult for end users to use particularly given that the object paradigm is different from what users are used to with traditional file and block storage.

Storage Made Easy Azure Storage Drive

Object Storage is great for storing data. Even smaller companies are generating in the low end terabytes of unstructured data.  Object Storage is a natural fit for this data but how do you access it when you need it?  This is where the Azure Drive comes in. It is designed to make it easier for companies move away from existing networked file sharing Apps and move their files to Azure

The drive works by downloading files onto a users computers when they open them, on demand ie. they don’t have to replicate the files onto their PC to work with data stored on Azure. They can browser terabytes or even petabytes of data and access what they need as they need it.

The drive enables users to browse, open and save files from Azure directly from their regular desktop applications, just as they did with their own filers. Users can even use Windows File Explorer to drag and drop files and folders between local and Azure storage.  A background cache and upload manager optimize performance for large and deep (simulated) folder hierarchies.

Storage Made Easy Azure Storage Explorer

Unlike the Drive the explorer is a dedicated application. It provides a nested view of Azure Blob storage, and does not attempt to integrate it into the file system. It allows users to easily upload, download, view, move, rename and delete large files and folders. The explorer also adds container search and client side encryption capabilities.

We have seen companies embrace the drives to move completely away from desktop filers, and keep documents and files directly on Azure.  We have also seen the drives being used as a means for Apps to offload to Object directly through a windows desktop or server.

Similarly for the explorer we have seen companies bundle it with their own services as a simple way to access data they store on Object Storage.

Both Applications can be purchased individually on a per seat basis and are available for white label also.

For more information and a free trial visit

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