Back up your contacts to the Cloud(s)

As part of some new changes on the SMEStorage web platform (more of those in the next post) we have introduced contacts as data that you can back up to the cloud platforms we support.

In the SMEStorage explorer bar you will now see a Contact root Node:


When you click on this node you will see two new icons in your SMEStorage explorer Bar:


The first icon gives you the ability to backup contacts from over 50 email and social sites that provide contacts:


Once your contacts are imported (and you can back them up to any cloud that we support (which includes Amazon S3, Mosso Cloud Files,, Gmail-as-a-Cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, MobileMe, and any WebDav enabled cloud) they are stored as VCard files, and as they are treated as files you can mark them as favourites, share them over email, or Twitter etc.

You can also edit each contact and add extra information or more fields:


Once your contacts are imported you can create contact groups and sub groups and organise your contacts. All your contacts and contact groups are integrated into the site so if you want to share files over email or from business groups when you start typing the first letters your contacts will popup for your to insert.


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  1. What would be utterly perfect is if we could also then choose contacts to sync back OUT to those services. This would make my whole year!

  2. Oh! And also merge the contacts from different services, since of course a lot of us will have the same person on a zillion different social networks.

  3. Unfortunately many of the services do not let you push contacts back via their API, and I agree with you in that I wish they would !

  4. Actually we already check to see whether the contact exists and give you choice how to deal with it but we missed this from the review. I’ll add this.

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