Business Groups WorkSpaces Multi-Cloud Collaboration Update

multi-cloud collaborationFirst some background, Business Group Workspaces, what is it ?

You can think of Group WorkSpace as a virtual workplace that can be used for collaborating with external and internal users of an Organisation. Each Group Workspace is a standalone space for collaboration.

The power of Group Workspaces is that the file / folders shared to a group can be from any number of on-premises or on-cloud storage systems ie. as an example a project co-ordinator could share a large video folder from Amazon S3 or Azure along with a project marketing folder from Google Drive to an external partner for review. The partner will have no idea where these files / folders are stored, they will be able to access or modify the assets based on the permissions they are given. They can also be given scratch space to store temporary documents of their own that they can work on and share back to the relevant Workspace.

To share files to the Group Workspace users nominate individual files or folders from within their “Cloud Files” to enable collaboration.

We have recently updated our Business Groups WorkSpaces feature with two major feature changes:

(i) Group WorkSpaces now has authenticated external sharing in which external users have an automated authentication flow that links them to the email in which they were invited:

File Fabric Authentication Flow


ii) Users invited to participate in a Group WorkSpace no longer require a standard user account to participate. When added to an account they become an ‘external user’ of the Organization. There is a distinct separation between the concept of internal and external users from and a domain and security perspective.

File Fabric external users

To access Group WorkSpaces, after creation, users can expand the “Groups” option in the Cloud File Manager. Groups and any file shared with the Group, or the end user as a Group member,  will be listed in the right pane.

Collaboration Groups

Similar view are available on Android or iOS (iOS screenshots below):

iOS File Fabric Group Sharing


Business Group WorkSpaces

Sharing files or folders with the virtual group is built in:

File Fabric Group WorkSpace sharing

and also into the various desktop and mobile apps.

There are many ways to share files and folders within the File Fabric because there are many ways companies and users like to collaborate. Group Workspaces is an easy option to collaborate with external and internal users across hybrid storage assets.

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