Customer Case Study | Music Production and Distribution Company: File Transfer and Collaboration

With old slow systems, awkward, and dependent on FTP and expensive SaaS services, this Music Production and Distribution company was searching for a better way to collaborate with artists, producers, directors, and other players in the industry that were external to the organization. Here’s how the Enterprise File Fabric stepped up their game.


This case study is about a music production and distribution company using the Storage Made Easy File Fabric. The company produces and releases a range of music including projects from well-known films and television series.

Collaboration with artists, producers, directors, and other players in the industry is at the core of the creative process. The firm’s old systems were slow, awkward, and dependent on FTP and expensive SaaS services. They were searching for a better way to collaborate.


The File Fabric allowed the company to move away from transferring files using FTP, to using shared links to provide files to external parties and being able to receive files with ‘DropFolders’ from external users.

The deployment team leader said: “It has been a game-changer for us. The interface for sharing is exactly what we need, nothing more and nothing less”.

Branding is important to them: “the ability to customize the user interface with company logos, colors enabled us to project a professional experience.”

As the team leader began to deploy the File Fabric to his users, he had to provide a transition period from the old system to the new one. The File Fabric provides simultaneous access to some 60+ data sources.  The ability to allow access to his legacy system alongside the new environment “allowed us to change the tires as the car was moving”, said the team leader. This turned out to be an unknown requirement: “Some of the data had to stay on the old SaaS service, because we couldn’t change all processes midstream. It made the transition possible”.

“The thing about the File Fabric is that there are so many features built-in that we keep finding value. For example, the ability to playback audio and video from the browser without having to download the files has been phenomenal. This feature we had not considered when we licensed the software and it is one our users love. It enables them to verify an asset that it is the right file before they download.”

The environment is deployed as an IaaS – an infrastructure as a service. The IaaS is a dedicated instance of the File Fabric set up with their own domain and branding. For traditional business use cases, SME does not charge additional fees for bandwidth use to and from the IaaS, so there are no surprise charges. Storage Made Easy installs, upgrades and maintains the base instance and the customer provides their own storage in their selected cloud provider. The customer is responsible for all operational aspects of the environment.


The customer said: “the final catalyst that justified the company moving forward with SME was the quality of support. It has been great; they respond very quickly”. Overall, he said: “the File Fabric has been terrific for our business. Not only did it provide everything we needed, but we realized we could do things we would love to have done but didn’t imagine we could do”.

Download case study here.

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