SMEreleases New look Cloud File Manager in beta

We did a general update to our platform today, and whereas some of the updates will form a part of future blog posts, I wanted to highlight that our new look File manager is now available in beta as a link adjacent to the current File Manager after login.

We’ve taken in all your feedback and simplified the menu bar and options. The Menu bar now shows only frequently used options, and all other options either on folders or files are available on a right click.

SMEStorage new look file manager

The way the file manager works snow also more akin to a traditional file manager with folders and files in both left and right hand panes.

Sharing options have been consolidated in one place for files, and files can easily be selected using shift-click, just like on a desktop. Once selected multiple files can be moved or shared just by dragging and dropping. Also folder sharing has been introduced.

The tablet version is optimised for touch screens and selecting multiple files is just a matter of clicking to the left of the file, and a tick will appear to let you know the file is selected. Showing options can be done by doing a long touch or press.

SMEStorage new look file manager for touch

We hope you like the changes and look forward to your feedback

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Google Docs WebDav update

We made some changes to accommodate some issues with Google Docs with our CloudDav protocol Adaptor:

1. The first change relates to creating documents directly in Google Docs and then trying to open the files directly in Pages iWork (for example). Previously this failed as the file had a zero size, as the size is unknown until Google exports it. We fixed this. Now such files created directly in Google Docs will open correctly.

2. The second change related to saving files directly back to Google Docs when creating them in Pages (or other Keynote, Numbers). These would fail because pages tried to place a zero size file lock to test write access. Other Clouds allow this but Google Docs does not, and therefore Pages would report that the file could not be saved. This is also now resolved.

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