iSMEStorage Cloud Storage Virtualisation App for iPad is in the App Store !

iSMEStorage 1.40 update has been approved by Apple and brings with it support for the iPad and IOS 4.

iSMEStorage for iPad enables you to seamlessly access multiple cloud storage services using only the iPad. Files are displayed in a Virtual Cloud File System (VCFS) and can be managed using directly using the iPad. Visually each Cloud Provided in the file system is now distinguishable by the relevant cloud logo.

Cloud Storage Services supported include Google Docs, Amazon S3, MobileMe,  SkyDrive, Live Mesh, Mezeo, Rackspace Cloud Files,, Gmail (GDrive), Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP Clouds, and also any cloud accessible via WebDav.

Files from all Clouds can be opened within SMEStorage and saved locally or can be opened in any other application that has support for document sharing. This means you can office docs from any cloud in Documents-to-Go or QuickOffice for example.

The Application has many business and collaboration features and you can check out a video of the iPad application below.

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SME adds support for Microsoft SkyDrive docx pptx and xlsx files

We’ve supported Microsoft SkyDrive in beta for a little while now and recently Microsoft integrated Office Live into the SkyDrive offering. This enables you to create office files and save them from directly within SkyDrive. We’ve now added support to enable these files to be manageable within your SMEStorage account like all other SkyDrive stored files.

Through SMEStorage you can also choose to create, and edit office documents in Zoho Office and then save them back to your SkyDrive account.

There have been criticisms also about the usability of Office Live within SkyDrive. Using SMEStorage Virtual Cloud File System (VCFS) makes it much easier to work with and manage these office files and also gives you much more choice about how you access them (iPhone, BlackBerry, Linux, Mac etc).

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