How to Easily Play Cloud Stored MXF File Formats

MXF PlaybackThe File Fabric is an excellent tool for Media and Entertainment customers managing their media assets. It provides file acceleration, metadata and file name search, in addition to new content intelligence features, built-in media info generation and Cloud-based Machine Learning capabilities (scene, logo, face and landmark detection, annotations, and speech transcription among others). When users find their asset and want to preview/play the video it’s easy for mp4 files, we enable users to do an ‘in-browser’ playback of those media assets.

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5 not so well known Apps to secure and protect your Android device in 2020

Android Security AppsAs smartphone devices become more sophisticated and are built to retain and interact  with all our personal /company digital information the more it makes sense to ensure that they are properly secured.

To that end below are 5 not so well known Apps, in no particular order, that you can use to achieve this:

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Disaster and Ransomeware Protection Feature – ForeverFile™

Organizations are grappling with the exponential growth of unstructured data. They are managing every more data silos across desktops, mobile devices, in data centers and increasingly in third-party cloud storage and applications. Additionally, new storage technologies offer new options for hosting, backing up and archiving data.

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