New beta features for SME Cloud Platform

We are gradually going to be introducing some new beta features to SMEStorage. The first is the ability to play inline MP3’s using the embedded Yahoo Media player. We have currently enabled this for the HTML file browser – Ajax to follow. It seems this has already been picked up on – see the video post to our video sharing site below:

So what else can you expect ? The ability to view pictures inline, the ability to post directl to Flickr, and we are also looking at being able to view documents etc inline. Stay tuned, more soon !

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HTML File Manager added to SME Cloud Platform

We’ve had a couple of complaints that the File Manager is not working in the Safari Web Browser. Coupled with this, we have had requests for being able to upload and download files from mobile devices.

To that end we have added a HTML upload / download feature. This is currently hidden, but you can access it after logging in by entering the following URL:

This will take you to the HTML file Manager view as below where you can upload / download files. We are currently looking at ensuring the Ajax is also compatible with Safari.


The HTML file Manager has now been added as a Tab into the actual site itself

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