SME Android Application updated on Google Play and Strengthens Team features

We’ve updated our Android App on Google Play.

New features include strengthening of team features for mobile workforces on the move, that includes mobile file lock/unlock for when teams edit files on the move.

Other changes are the strengthening of local file preview for images (images now have small icon that shows the image) and support viewing / editing iOS .plist file and viewing of .webarchive files.

The App continues to be free and can be used with Free, Personal and business plan. For Service Providers and corporates it possible for it be custom branded with corporate logo / colours etc when purchasing an on-premise appliance subscription.

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New Features in Storage Made Easy Cloud File Manager

We have made some updates to our hierarchical Cloud File Manager that we would like to highlight:

1. We improved the speed. It should now be around 20% faster to load than it had been previously

2. We have implemented a crumb trail and a status bar for the file manager. you can now easily navigate backwards and forwards using the links in the top status bar. And if you select multiple files you can see they size in the bottom status bar easily.

3. We have implemented an easy way to save and collaborate on file links. We’re not trying to replace Evernote but in the course of a project it can be useful to save a site link and collaborate / comment on it. This has been added to the “Create new file” functionality that already exists in the file manager.

We continue to invest and refine our Web based File Manager which is reasonably unique today in how it functions as it offers the ability to easily view and work with large data set and folders, and remember the SME Cloud File Manager works with more than 35 Cloud Storage Providers for both private and public cloud storage vendors.

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We have rebranded from SMEStorage to ‘Storage Made Easy’ !

We have taken the decision to rebrand from SMEStorage to Storage Made Easy. This transition comes as our original name became a millstone around our neck and more than just a bit of an Oxymoron ie. We don’t just sell to Small to Medium businesses and we don’t really do Storage !

Storage Made Easy enables us to keep our SME brand and more accurately reflects what we do ie. Layer on top of disparate Storage and other data resources to make management, governance, access, and search easier. The new site also reflects a more corporate style and reflects where the majority of our focus and business is coming from.

The transition should be painless for all users. All links shared as SMEStorage should continue to work, as will all old FileBox addresses. If you check your DashBoard you will see that you now have a new FileBox address that you should consider moving to. The existing access tools will continue to work and we will be releasing new branded version of these tools over time.

If you access you will be redirected to and you should update your browser bookmarks.

We hope you like the new site layout and we welcome feedback !


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Monthly bandwidth limit doubled to 2GB for free users

We doubled our monthly bandwidth limit for free users to 2GB today. This is immediately applicable to all new users and all existing users on the free package. If you are a user on an older package just let us know and we’ll apply it to your package also.

What else can you get for free ?

– Free Windows Cloud Explorer + Cloud Drive + Microsoft and OpenOffice Plug-In’s
– Free WordPress Backup Plug-In
– Free Firefox plug-in
– Free Chrome Plug-in
– Free Safari Plugin
– Free FaceBook App

Be sure to check out our Cloud Tools page for all of these and other free tools !

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SME Web Cloud File Manager updated: Unify your Clouds

We have done a major update of our Web File Manager today. You may have used our File Manager beta over the last few months. This File Manager has gone live and there are shot of new features that business and individual users can take advantage of. The include:

1. Simplified Layout: The whole File Manager has been simplified. Now the two panes of how files are shown works just as it does not the desktop with files being shown in both panes. Also the menu bar has been vastly simplified to concentrate on the options that are used the most, such as sharing, folder creation, and upload.

Also all file and folders function has been consolidated on a right click. Right clicking on a file brings up the options for the file, the same with folders:

2. Improvements in Links sharing and link expiry: We always supported password protecting files on upload via file encryption and link expiry on email generation for file sharing but we have extended this for password protecting any shared link generated with link expiration:

3. Improvements in how to copy and move files between different services: This is as easy as shift and click and then dragging and dropping. Refer to the below video for more details.

This works with folders too, you can drag and drop folders between services easily.

4. Improvements when using a tablet: When using a tablet, the File Manager reacts differently and is optimised for touch screens. Selecting multiple files is just a matter of clicking to the left of the file, and a tick will appear to let you know the file is selected. File options can be done by doing a long touch or press on the file as right click is not applicable on tablets.

We hope you like the new look File Manager. We continue to work on it and have some even further optimisations to come soon !

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Google Drive Support added

We’ve  added support for Google Drive:

Google Drive supports OAuth so you can delegate access to your Google Drive account without providing your password:

Once authenticated then the files can be indexed:

Once indexed the files are accessible from the web, all desktops through the cloud drives, and the mobile access clients (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7).


iOS (iPad)

HTML5 Tablet / Phone client

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Service Status: Outbound Connection issues

We are having some intermittent outbound connection issues due to some problems our downstream bandwidth provider is having with routing. This may manifest itself in timeouts or inability to connect on first attempt, or issues with read from remote providers.

The service provider is working on resolving these downstream issues now, apologies for any inconvenience.


The issue mostly affected users of Amazon S3. Cogent let us know that they were aware of the issues between the Amazon network and at least one of Amazon’s providers, Telia. Amazon were also aware of it and have been working on the problem and our own monitoring seems to show the issue is stabilised.

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Integrating iAnnotate with Google Drive, Amazon S3, OpenStack, and other Cloud Storage solutions

The latest version of iAnnotate PDF, the iPad App that enables editing of PDF Documents, adds support for WebDav which means that you can use the SME ClouDav Protocol Adaptor, free with the iOS SME iOS App, to connect iAnnotate to many Clouds that it does not natively support. SMES supports integration with more Storage and SaaS Clouds than any other service.

The steps to enable access to the Clouds mapped to your SME Account are simple:





CloudDav is enabled with all Business Cloud File Server Accounts and also available in the on-premise enterprise version of the Storage Made Easy EFSS solution.

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Denial of Service attack

At around 3.45PM GMT we had a polymorphic denial of service attack on our US based servers. It lasted around 20 minutes.

The servers load balanced amongst each other in the different locations but some users may have experienced some slowdowns or inability to connect for short period of time. Our firewall and a combination of other attack prevention tools dealt with the attack.

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Bring your own Device is changing Enterprise IT

In the not to distant past most companies had a unilateral policy on cell phones. You were given one by the company and it was a BlackBerry, or it was a Windows Mobile etc, and there was a mandate that you had to use it. The company provided it, you used it, and more often than not you walked around with another personal phone that you actually wanted to own and use.

Today, more and more companies are adopting a BYOD or ‘bring your own device’ approach. The Apple iPad was pinpointed, by research Forrester did on the subject, as what started to consolidate the shift that was preceded by the iPhone, as company executives brought it with them to the office and challenged IT to support it.

Far from IT departments having the ability to strictly dictate the mobile of their ecosystems, they are being challenged by personal smartphone preference. The Forrester report cites 59 percent of companies that were surveyed enabled employees to bring their own phones to work.

Another factor is the rise in remote or on-the-move working. Whereas in the past company workers had found themselves logging onto the corporate VPN from a laptop or PC, many companies use Google Docs or Hosted SharePoint making access easier to “just connect” using web security protocols such as OAuth. Many analysts and government bodies are predicting this as being the future of IT.

We’ve long been an advocate of this ‘martini’ anytime/anywhere type policy of working with data from mobile devices. It’s the future, plain and simple. This is why we very early built out a comprehensive mobile strategy that focused on supporting all the major mobile devices ie. iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

It’s also the reason why we’ve concentrated on providing governance and e-compliance features that work against what we believe will become the real challenge of corporate IT, that of the sprawl of public and private Cloud Services.

We will continue to focus on this throughout 2012 and broaden not only our supported data cloud offerings but we will also also release support for other SaaS services, some of which are in beta now with some of our customers.

We will continue to expand governance options and integration with Corporate IT, and best of all if you want to host all this in your own data centre, you can using our Cloud Appliance which supports VMware, XEN, and KVM environments.

We believe 2012 will be looked back on as the year that two key themes converged in corporate IT, that of mobile working and Cloud Computing, and we are looking forward to working with existing and new customers to support it.

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