WordPress Cloud File Sharing Plug-In updated

We’ve updated our Cloud File Sharing Plug-In. This Plug-In enables you to share files from any of the 30 Clouds that we support on your WordPress Blog.

The Plug-In enables you to make files public on your SMEStorage Account and share them via a WordPress widget on your sidebar. It supports all the clouds that SMEStorage supports and is a great solution for sharing files on your blog form you Cloud Storage.

This is a good segway to point out our terms of use particularly around sharing copyrighted files of any kind. We comply with the Digital Economy act and scan files with public URL’s to check for copyright abuse. If any is found we mark the file as private and issue a warning email.

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RSS Feeds disabled over the weekend

We’ve disabled the RSS for files the weekend as we are doing some work on this. This will affect user who share their public files via RSS and also users who use our WordPress plug-In for sharing files on the sidebar. It should be back online by the end of day Monday GMT.

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