Ceph Day Sunnyvale Roundup

Last week, Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale California hosted Ceph Day. A community event run by the team at Red Hat providing exposure for Ceph users and the team at Red Hat to talk about successes, challenges and use cases around Ceph in both Red Hat and non-Red Hat environments.

Ceph Day has been running since its very first event in New York in August 2013 and attendance has been steadily growing since its conception. Top vendors in the industry such as Dell, SUSE, Red Hat and Ubuntu have supported the event consistently.

Ceph Day Sponsors

This time the sponsors were RedHat (of course), Storage Made Easy and SanDisk. There were 100 registered attendees with an actual attendance of 85! 80% of the 85 were first time attendees, which is even more amazing.

Speakers at this event included Cisco, Keeper Technology, Samsung, SanDisk, SK Telecom and APM. They all had good information however the Cisco and Keeper talks stood out to us. They covered success, size (Cisco has 13 global DC’s running Ceph clusters), and some of the challenges in the product itself, since its community event. The open sharing at the community events is very helpful to understanding how to extend the product itself.

Red Hat’s Director of Storage and Big Data Ecosystem, Brent Compton also spoke about Ceph.com and a new set of metrics and tracking that is going to be released in the next week or two. As well as a central location to explore Ceph’s performance on various hardware configurations. The ability for users to upload data and compare the power of Ceph with other users is a great tool from Red Hat.

Storage Made Easy was proud to support the event and work closely with Red Hat talking about how SME, the leading Enterprise File Share and Sync solution for Ceph, could really take existing Ceph volume deployments to the next level and extend usage of the clusters to entire organizations with a simple access path. The community supporting Ceph is outstanding and very interested in new use cases and applications.


To summarise, the event was well attended with useful and informative content. It was highly evident from the attendees we spoke with that the interest in Ceph is very strong and they are all looking for new and creative ways to leverage their clusters. With Ceph Day on a break for the month of April they have certainly left on a strong note.

All  slideshows from the Ceph Day Sunnyvale presentations can be found here.

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