CISO Bulletin: Data Governance in the Digital Transformation Era

CISO Data Governance

A pre Covid-19 Microsoft commissioned Harvard Business Review research report  looks at how the proliferation of corporate data may require global companies to alter their data security, privacy, risk, and compliance policies and it found that:

  • 77% of companies believe effective security, risk, and compliance strategy to be essential,
  • 61% face challenges in creating such a strategy.
  • 53% have not developed an effective business-wide data governance approach.
  • 82% believe protecting information has become more difficult due to digital transformation.

Specifically, as per the report, “More than three-quarters (77%) of 460 global executives recently surveyed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services believe that a successful data strategy is essential for business success. That realization is leading many observers to call data the new oil.

HBR Good Data Governance

From the survey, the biggest challenges that Companies faced in managing data security, privacy, risk, and compliance was the requirement to manage increasing volumes of data (53%),  closely followed by the security challenges arising as companies  share more data across departments and divisions (43%):

HBR Review Governance

The Full Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report can be downloaded from here and it is essential reading for any CISO.

Here at Storage Made Easy the feedback from companies is that as many employees are currently working remotely  good Data Governance, Security and adherence to Data Compliance  are viewed as being even more important to Companies and in particular CISO’s.

The File Fabric unifies and facilities secure web scale access to a companies existing data, whether on-site or on-cloud, across data silos,  without introducing anything new, copying data or creating lock-in.

Files accessed and stored tin multiple storage systems makes it difficult for companies to  satisfy increasingly complex compliance regulations. The File Fabric is setup to provide and Audit record across on-premises and on-cloud systems whilst protecting cloud data through its real-time PHI/PII content discovery module.



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