CISO Bulletin: Ransomware Recovery With the Enterprise File Fabric™

Ransomware is one of the most vexing issues confronting information security professionals.  Prevention is difficult, recovery is challenging for legal, ethical and practical reasons and the potential negative impact, in terms of both operations and reputation, can be enormous.  So far there is no silver bullet for ransomware but there are ways to facilitate quick and palatable recoveries.  The File Fabric’s ForeverFile feature is one such way.

ForeverFile is built on a simple idea: The File Fabric keeps a continuous archive of every version of every file that is written to your enterprise’s storage facilitated by the File Fabric to a secondary archive storage location.  In the event of a ransomware attack, the File Fabric  will have pre-attack copies of all of the files that were on the compromised storage.  Unlike your primary storage, the archive storage is not exposed to client programs as a file system so the malware won’t corrupt its contents.

In addition to holding the safe copies of your data that make recovery possible, ForeverFile also simplifies restoring these copies through a convenient web interface.  The Recover File box is used to select the version of a file that a user wants to recover which, in the case of a ransomware attack recovery, would be the most recent version of the file that was added to the archive storage before the attack began.

There is also a Recover Folder box which lets uses set a date and time and then restore the latest version of each file in the folder that precedes the date and time you provide.

For information security professionals ransomware is an unpleasant fact of life.  The Enterprise File Fabric™ provides solid features for ensuring that recovery from ransomware attacks is both possible and easy.  Like all of the File Fabric’s features, ForeverFile works across any and all of the different kinds of on-premises and on-cloud storage that an enterprise uses for its unstructured data.

To learn more about how the Enterprise File Fabric can enhance your organization’s information security program, please contact

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