Cloud File Manager Responsive Design Update

Today we pushed out a new update on our Cloud File Manager that changes the design to be a responsive design.

This means that the File Manager will adapt it’s layout depending on the size of the screen it is being view on.

For example here is the File Manager as viewed from a normal desktop web browser

Cloud File Manager

If I resize the desktop window then the File Manager adapts to show less information but for it still to be usable:

Web Cloud File Manager

If I use the File Manager in an iPhone the view changes again, dropping the second pane and enabling users to navigate using the top crumb trail.

iOS Cloud File Manager


On smaller devices this view also optimizes, the below view is from a BlackBerry Passport:

BlackBerry Passport Cloud File Manager


In addition to responsive design optimizations touch optimisations have also be incorporate to make the File Manager easier to use with touch devices.

The responsive design changes are live on our and sites and will be incorporate in our 3.0 version of the Enterprise on-premise Appliance which will be available towards the end of April 2015.

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