My Favourite Feature: Cloud S3

Hi, I’m James, a Senior Developer at Storage Made Easy. As a developer, I often look for ways to reduce coupling in the tools and technologies that we use, and I see this from the low level code that we write, to the higher-level architectural choices we make.

There are many cloud storage vendors out there (we support 50+ of them), many with their own APIs and quirks. Storage Made Easy hides these differences, providing unified access and a single API that you can use to perform operations with any of these providers. That’s simply fantastic.

But I hear you say, “Instead of being coupled to Vendor X’s API, I’m now coupled to SMEs”. It’s a progressive step, but still true. You may have noticed that some standards are slowly merging in the cloud market, for example adoption of S3 and FTP compatible access to cloud files.

We have gone one (or three) steps further. In addition to our native APIs, we also have three protocol adaptors, which are sat in front of SME. These are S3, FTP and WebDAV.

So what does this mean in practice? Not only can you still take advantage of 50+ cloud storage providers but you can reduce your coupling to SME, as well as adopt a well defined, largely supported and tested protocol.

Why might this be useful to you?

  • Your product communicates with Amazon S3, but you want to move the data to on-premise?
  • Want to make use of popular code libraries that have support for one of the mentioned protocols?
  • Using a tool that supports one of the protocols?
  • Your clients connect to an FTP server of yours, and you want to move the files to another storage vendor

Find out more about connecting via S3 here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss with us how we can help you, feel free to get in touch with our sales team, or myself directly.

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