Coming soon access your Cloud Storage / Data directly from SFTP !

Regular users of our business cloud will know that we offer a variety of protocol adaptors as entry points into the various back end private storage and cloud storage products that we support. Currently we support:



Amazon S3 API

Companies can access data using any of these protocols irrespective of whether the underlying data store supports such protocols. A good example is users who want to use DropBox directly with Apple iWork for example. iWork only supports WebDav or iCloud therefore you cannot use it to directly open and save data to DropBox from an iPhone or iPad. SME enables this not only for DropBox but also for almost any other cloud.

Also any data that is accessed from a protocol adaptor is also governed using the same access controls set for any other clint access mechanism and all interactions, as always, can be fully audited and logged.

We have had requests from  the medical sector and from federal government to make access available via SFTP as  in many cases this is the only mechanism they may have to access data. The good news is that we are about 50% through the work required to enabled access to any Cloud Storage over SFTP (screenshot below of a user logging into the SME virtual cloud file system using SFTP).

SME SFTP  Cloud Storage Access

The benefits of SFTP is that it is very secure and from the command line it has a great variety of windows tools and is installed by default on Linux and Mac. We will continue to post further updates.

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