Customer Case Study: Improving Workflows and Collaboration for Asia United Bank with the Enterprise File Fabric and Cloudian Object Storage

AUB is a publicly-listed universal bank that has been in operation for 23 years, joining the ranks of Forbes-listed companies and an illustrious league of Philippine banks.

As part of its commitment to continuously improve its services, the Bank undertook a revision of systems, including enhancing data accessibility for end users, coupled with disaster recovery. They found the solution for this with the combination of Storage Made Easy’s (SME) Enterprise File Fabric and Object Storage from Cloudian.


The main challenge for AUB was to improve their object storage workflow and collaboration when it came to end users.

AUB looked at ways to improve the situation with the aid of their technology partner TIM Engineering, and considered well-known solutions, before settling on a combination of Storage Made Easy’s (SME) Enterprise File Fabric and Object Storage from Cloudian, both provided by TIM’s partner Nubetech, a technology distributer based in Singapore. These improvements needed to be implemented without disrupting AUB’s workforce and clientele.

SME worked with all partners to ensure the smooth implementation and adoption of AUB to the new way of working, within the specified timescales.

“SME worked closely with us to ensure that we can provide solid local support to AUB. The extensive on-line documentation for the File Fabric is a valuable resource and SME’s Support team is quick to respond when we have a question that requires their help.” said a representative of TIM Engineering.

SME’s Enterprise File Fabric, deployed to 1,000 bank team members, enabled end users to securely access data from Cloudian Object Storage as well as the entire Bank’s existing cloud and on premises data. Information is accessed via web, desktop and mobile channels securely, at a high speed, and all data is encrypted. All movements are recorded in secure audit logs, providing total confidence for the Bank and its customers. The Enterprise File Fabric enables the Bank’s teams to share information both internally and externally, simply and securely.


“Deploying the SME solution has enabled us to maximize our secure storage investment and improve workflows and collaboration across the Bank.”, said Mr. Raymund Mangahas, Vice President and DC Operations Head of AUB.

AUB plans to increase the number of File Fabric users to 2,000, enabling more team members to enjoy the benefits of secured information sharing from any device, in any location. The scalability of the total solution means that performance will be maintained throughout AUB’s planned expansion.

Read full case study here.

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