Deploying the Storage Made Easy Private Cloud Appliance on Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 image

This post outlines how to deploy the Storage Made Easy private Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution on Amazon EC2.


To begin with you will require:

– SME Appliance OVF
– Amazon EC2 API Tools:

Download the Amazon EC2 API Tools and set them up following the instructions at:

Download and un-compress the SME OVF appliance from the link SME provides.

Importing SME VMDK disk image to EC2

(For full command line options please see

Create a bucket in Amazon S3 the ec2 cli tools will use this for manifest.

Execute the following command from EC2_HOME directory (location on your local filesystem where EC2 API tools are installed)

ec2-import-instance disk_image_filename -f VMDK -t instance_type -a x86_64 -b s3_bucket_name -o owner –w secret_key -p Linux


disk_image_filename : Full path to the OVF VMDK file

-t instance_type : The instance type e.g m3.medium for a full list see

-b s3_bucket_name The bucket you created in step 1, destination bucket for the manifest

-o owner The access key ID of the bucket owner

–w secret_key The secret access key of the bucket owner

Once the image is uploaded you can check the progress of the conversion task by executing the command ec2-describe-conversion-tasks. For full available options see:

After the task is complete you will see a new instance in Amazon EC2, you can start the instance and connect to it(make sure port 22, 80, 443 and 8080) are open in Security group attached to the EC2 instance.

(Optional) If you want to convert the instance to an AMI you can right click on the instance and select image->Create Image

Now you can follow the instructions at: to configure the appliance. *

*When configuring the hostname and setting SSL certificates please DO NOT configure the IP settings*

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