Does Your Company Promote Data Governance or Data Anarchy ?

Storage Made Easy Data Governance

Data Governance is the new wild west, particularly with so many workers away from the office, so is your company embroiled in the anarchy or has it appointed a Sheriff ?

Do your company understand where files are stored and why?

Do your company have policies for certain types of data ?

Do your company have a procedure to protect again ransomware ?

Do your company understand your data content ?

Do your company promote encryption or protection for sensitive files stored on cloud ?

Do your company promote a hybrid content strategy ?

Do your company understand the rules and regulations that your data may be subject to ?

If you answered ‘no’ to these questions then you should consider a joined up data strategy to promote content governance. The antithesis of this is siloed, duplicative, inconsistent data that is unmanageable and unenforceable.

These problems become worse when coupled with the ‘Shadow IT‘ problem which leads to content leakage, literally a companies IPR walking out of the door.

Enter Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric Solution. The File Fabric  provide’s a solution that unifies up on-premise and on-cloud data and enables companies to set common policy controls to control data.

The File Fabric comes with over 60 cloud connectors covering a wide range of on-premise and on-cloud solutions including CIFS/SMB, NFS, S3, Azure, SharePoint, Office 365, and SalesForce.

The File Fabric has built in BYOD controls but doesn’t consider itself the centre of the universe like many products do so it also integrates with best of breed MDM solutions such as Mobile Iron.

To enable companies to treat their content as an asset The File Fabric is shipped integrated with Apache Lucene which enables companies to search against their content wherever it is stored.

Ransomware a problem ? Not any more. The file Fabric will back up data to a nominated place to ensure quick recovery using its Forever File feature  if Ransomware hackers should strike.

The File Fabric also works CMIS solutions to ensure enterprise document management solutions are not ignored.

The File Fabric  is data storage agnostic and works with almost any data store and enables companies to not only create and enforce policies (govern) against data silos but to also gain insight into their data to fuel productivity.

So, do you need that Sheriff ?

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