Doug on Data Governance

Data Governance policies play a key role in all organisations that handle digital information. Ensuring you have strong Data Governance policies is one thing, but how do you implement them? Being unable to implement them properly exposes your company to threats, whether they be internal, or external.

Threats within your company might simply just be employee’s who have access to sensitive information on a daily basis, and they will send that information to others, like email attachments, which cannot be monitored or controlled. Then you have external threats to your data, where malware or viruses will breach your system in order to obtain sensitive information. Both of these scenarios can cost your organisation time and money, but they can easily be worries of the past by using the Storage Made Easy File Fabric.

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric is a single pane of glass in which you can view all your storage. It unifies all your on-premise and cloud storage into one single view, and allows you to audit and track all activity across all your storage providers in one central place. It provides a safe way to share files through secure links, which can have time-based link expiry, password protection and even download limits. All the links shared by others can also be revoked at any time by the administrator. You can add geo-location filtering, which will alert you if someone attempts to log in from a location which is no approved. We also provide AES-256 level encryption which ensures all your files are kept safely and securely, and even provide archive features which will always ensure that if anything was to happen to your data, you have always got access to a copy.

Watch this video to find out how the Storage Made Easy File Fabric can help your organisation implement strong Data Governance.


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Rebecca Norman