Doug on Data: Delivering the Last Mile of Object Storage to End Users

Object Storage is the way forward for all your storage needs, it’s adaptable meaning it grows with your storage needs, it’s economical, being that you only pay for what you need, but it does also have a number of drawbacks. Object Storage is not easily accessible to end users, and often it lacks auditing controls, which can open your business up to a whole range of problems around security and governance of data.

So what do you do? Struggle on with Block storage that is often increasingly difficult to enlarge when your company grows? Or move to Object storage and struggle to keep control over your data?

But what if there was a third way?  What if you could make the move to Object storage, keep the traditional look of a file system which your end users know and love, and also enhance your auditing, security and governance of your data?

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric allows you to do all of the above and more! Watch this video below to find out how Storage Made Easy can help your organisation with all your on-premise and cloud storage needs.

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Rebecca Norman