Editing files from OpenStack Swift and other Clouds directly from mobile Microsoft Office

We recently released a new version of the Storage Made Easy Android Application, the Android client for the SME Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric.

One of the new features in the updated App was to provide the ability to View, edit and create Microsoft  Office files directly from the data stores configured for the SME Sync and Share Appliance.

To be able to do this firstly ensure that you have installed the SME Cloud File Manager from the Android App Store.

You  will need one of the Microsoft Office suite of Apps such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Once installed  you can open up, Microsoft Word for example, and choose  to browse to there cloud storage.

SME Mobiel Office

From here you can choose your Storage Made Easy Account.

Android Word Storage Made Easy

Once selected you can browser the remote directory structure, in our case OpenStack but as you can see from the screenshot below we can select any of the cloud directories from the cloud store we have mapped to the SME Sync and Share appliance.

SME MS Office openstack

Integrations within Microsoft Office tools provide enterprise users with a direct integration to easily open, edit, and share files in which the event interactions with files are audited and logged by the SME Sync and Share Appliance.

Integrations such as this form a key part of the Storage Made Easy mobile first strategy that we are aware many enterprises and companies are adopting.


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