Enhanced Two Factor Authentication Update

Storage Made Easy recently rolled out an enhancement to its enterprise-grade security features by updating and enhancing its Two Factor authentication. This enhanced capability now works across  all desktop and mobile applications.

For Personal Cloud Accounts the Two Factor Authentication can be switched on from the Cloud DashBoard. For Team Accounts the Admin user can force the use of Two Factor Authentication from the Security Options tab:

Two Factor options Supported are:

  • Two Factor phrase delivery by email
  • A preset phrase that needs to be entered
  • Google Authenticator

On Apps that support PIN and Fingerprint sensors as a means of device security Two Factor Authentication is an additional security ‘gate’ for an account:

For desktop Apps that are in constant use Two Factor works with an OAuth process in which the App is granted a token and a lease for longer use. In the desktop Apps Two factor uses a challenge response that is required every time the App is used.

In summary Two-factor authentication works as an extra step in the security process  that reconfirms identity. Its purpose is to make attackers’ life harder and reduce fraud risks.

GDPR Watch

In almost exactly one years time the GDPR initiative will become law in Europe and for those trading / storing data in Europe. Whereas GDPR does not forbid authentication with only username and a static password it  does  outlaw the use of weak protection of sensitive information which means Two Factor Authentication across all corporate data sources will be part of a strong compliance regime.

The Storage Made Easy File Fabric can tie corporate data sources together, unified, and integrated into an existing identity management solution such as Active Directory, LDAP or SAML but can compliment this with additional Two Factor Authentication which itself is complimented by additional on-device security mechanisms such as password protection.

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