Enterprise File Fabric 2019 Highlights – Media Edition

In the words of Storage Made Easy’s CEO Jim Liddle: this year “we have had tremendous success in the media and entertainment space. Our customers are as diverse as one of the worlds largest global broadcasters to one of the largest Premier League football clubs. We view the media and entertainment sector as being an important vertical for us and we continue to make huge strides with our product to satisfy the use cases that we are being brought into.”

During 2019, Storage Made Easy has presented new and enhanced releases of the Enterprise File Fabric solution with a great focus on its Media and Entertainment product variant.

The solution itself provides a multi-cloud single pane of glass for all media assets, whether on-cloud or on-premise.  In addition to this, features like M-Stream® Large File Transfer Acceleration (which speeds up the uploading, downloading and copying of very big media files at no additional transfer cost), make the Enterprise File Fabric a key solution for the challenges that companies have to face when dealing with the management of those assets.

New media focused features from the Enterprise File Fabric include, among others:

      • On-demand checksums (MD5’s) of files, regardless of where they are being stored
      • Media info: automated extraction of key qualities of media files (like bit rate, frame rate, resolution, codec etc.)
      • AI / Machine Learning (Google Vision initially to be followed by Amazon Rekognition and IBM Watson integrations)
        • Automatic video classification
        • Video keyframe analysis
        • Automatic transcription
        • Celebrity identification
        • Image and subject analysis
        • In-browser media playback from any storage with Video Scrubbing
        • Thumbnails and previews for an extended amount of image formats such as RAW images, for example
    • Content Intelligence feature

As per improved features, the Enterprise File Fabric includes In-browser media playback from any storage with Video Scrubbing, in addition to thumbnails and previews for an extended amount of image formats such as RAW images, for example.

You can find more information on the Enterprise File Fabric for Media and Entertainment here and by watching this short video:



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