Enterprise File Fabric 2019 Highlights – Top 5 Features

Across this year, we have announced the launch of some remarkable new features that confirm why the Enterprise File Fabric™ is becoming one of the most integrated multi-cloud, hybrid storage solutions.

Have a look at our top 5 features for 2019:

#1. M-STREAM – Large File Transfer Acceleration Feature
Still one of our key features, M-Stream speeds up the uploading, downloading and copying of very big files in an non-propreitary fashion.
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#2. SITELINK – Site Edge and ROBO (Remote and Branch Office) File Access
Is the newest feature of the Enterprise File Fabric. It facilitates the sharing of files and folders between multiple remote offices without having to sync the data in either direction, ideal for high latency links.
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Leaves the generation of MediaInfo, MD5 Checksums, AI-driven video transcription and more intelligence services at your fingertips.
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Enterprises can now check how their Policy configuration matches up to industry standards with this feature.
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It provides a way to securely share documents (that may be stored on any on-premises or on-cloud documents storage) that can only be viewed by the intended recipient and are marked in such a way that makes the document traceable.
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*You can check the whole list of features of the Enteprise File Fabric solution  here or directly download our feature list.



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