Enterprise File Fabric 2020 Highlights – Remote Working

During 2020  companies have had to adapt to the new-normal situation of employees working remotely.

Access to company data coupled with secure collaboration and compliance monitoring became a key requirement of a companies digital transformation strategy. To strengthen support for this new way of working the Enterprise File Fabric strengthened its core feature set.

Some of these key features included:


CloudEdit is a feature of the File Fabric that enables end users to edit files opened on the File Fabric web interface directly on the desktop (Windows or Mac). This works independent of whatever the back-end storage is:

Data Event Auditing

To satisfy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA or HIPAA, companies are required to track who had access to personal data, when, and why.

The File Fabric File Event Auditing enables companies to have complete audit logs for all file events across all corporate data sets. This can include why the document was shared, to whom, who shared the document, and the date and time of the share and access:

Data Loss Prevention Features

Now more than ever it is important to make sure that Company data stays safe and secure, regardless of where end users are working from. Data Loss Prevention features are a core component of the Enterprise File Fabric:


Some of the key benefits the Enterprise File Fabric solution provides are:

    • No need to rip and replace. It works with file and object data that a Company already uses.
    • It provides a global file system across storage that reduces complexity through a unified view of data.
    • It integrates into existing Company Identity Access Management solutions – LDAP, SAML, Active Directory for a single-sign-on user experience.
    • It can securely FIPS encrypt data over and above storage manufacturers data-at-rest encryption as needed.
    • The PII content discovery module protects against sensitive data getting out in the wild and causing a compliance breach.
    • Best-of-breed App integrations which includw Microsoft Office / Office Online / Zoho Office / Microsoft Teams / Outlook / Mac Mail + more.
    • The File Fabric provides anytime, anywhere Multi Channel access through Web, Desktop drives and Mobile Apps.

To know more about how the Enterprise File Fabric makes remote working easy, you can download our Solution Brief.

You can always schedule a demo or contact us for more information.

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