Enterprise File Fabric 2021 Highlights | New Products

During 2021 Storage Made Easy has responded to on-going, and still expanding, remote working environment through updates and product launches that set the Enterprise File Fabric as one of the top enterprise data management and collaboration solutions.

Here are the top three products of the Enterprise File Fabric family:




The new SMBStream product is a site-to-site gateway that provides users accelerated, secure access to office bound or cloud bound SMB shares. Through local access points users and applications have transparent access to the file data they need in real-time without the need for a VPN.

SMBStream differs from a VPN in that VPNs commonly tunnel traffic between sites by encapsulating packets. VPN clients often need to install software, or network administrators are required to make routing changes to allow client access. The SMBStream gateway makes file shares from external sites available without client software installation or network changes.



One of the most successful product variants in the Enterprise File Fabric portfolio is the Media and Entertainment Edition. Our set of customers is extensive and covers many industries, but M&E is always a hit.

The Enterprise File Fabric™ for Media provides a secure solution for the media and entertainment industry that solves the unique challenges of this industry. It allows companies to securely collaborate with large files, wherever they are stored via M-Stream™.  Users get streamlined access to data with the fewest possible impediments, while at the same time enforcing effective controls to block unauthorized users of sensitive data.

The Enterprise File Fabric for M&E Product Overview.



Our native drives allow you to mount and interact with object storage as if it was a local disk. Browse and open remote files with any application. Use Windows File Explorer to drag and drop, move, rename and delete files and folders. Configurable cache for performance. Upload manager for non-blocking uploads. Support for large files and deep folder hierarchies. Drives can also be used in scripts and are accessible from the command prompt.


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