Enterprise File Fabric 2021 Highlights | Top 5 Blogs

Once again the team behind the Storage Made Easy Blog have published articles covering the hottest data and storage management trends of 2021.

Here is our top 5 pick:

1 | How to securely web enable access to CIFS / SMB File Shares.

One of the predominant use cases that many companies have, particularly due to remote workers,  is to enable file access to SMB file shares that live behind the corporate firewall , or indeed  are hosted on IaaS infrastructures (such as Amazon FSX or Azure Files), without the need for a VPN and without reconfiguring permissions whilst using Active Directory or LDAP for authentication and also ensuring that data is secure and compliance legislation is satisfied.

Accessing files over CIFS/SMB network over VPN using a mobile network is possible but access can be patchy, clients apps limited and it is often extremely slow. The File Fabric enables this using its built in CIFS / SMB connector. This blog post walked us through how to web enable SMB file shares.

2 | How to Secure and Simplify End User Access to Amazon S3 Object Storage for Remote Workers.

As remote working settles into becoming more and more of a reality for many companies our experience is that many companies wish to facilitate direct end user access to Amazon’s Simple Object Storage, Amazon S3. Companies do hit challenges with how they can put Amazon S3 into the hands of their end users in a way that satisfies cybersecurity and data compliance polices.

In this blog we mapped what the File Fabric does to offset these challenges.

3 | Secure Email Sharing: Critical to Maintaining Productivity, Security and Compliance in a Hybrid Workforce.

As companies increasingly embrace hybrid work and are in danger of phishing  and Ransomware attacks secure link sharing adds another line of cybersecurity defence.

In this blog we explained how sending links to documents using email offers employees a familiar productive communication channel, while leveraging a more secure way of controlling the information flow and simultaneously satisfying compliance challenges.

4 | Top 5 Multi-Cloud Data Governance Recommendations.

Post pandemic has resulted in a surge of cloud adoption with many companies now operating a hybrid mix and match approach to corporate data to fit in with new digital transformation approaches that encompass hybrid or remote workers.

Whereas a hybrid multi-cloud approach is best for flexibility and ROI it can increase the threat surface of data so it is key to adopt a unified policy based approach to data governance and compliance. In this blog we offered 5 key recommendations for multi-cloud data governance.

5 | CISO Bulletin: Two Factor Authentication for any Storage using the Enterprise File Fabric™

With so many employees working from home, organizations are looking for ways to enhance the security of their data, often spread between on-premises and cloud data stores, without compromising employee productivity and to comply with cyber insurance policies that may be, being added or renewed.

For enterprises using the Enterprise File Fabric™ , activating Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an easy way to enhance access security on resources such as remote SMB/file and Object Storage with minimum disruption for end users. We showed you how in this blog.

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