Enterprise File Fabric 2021 Highlights | Top 5 Customer Success Stories

Our costumer success stories demonstrate one thing: the Enterprise File Fabric can do it (almost) all. 

This year we have released a number of multi-cloud customer success stories that highlight the strength and versatility of the Enterprise File Fabric solution in hybrid multi-cloud file and object scenarios for almost any industry vertical. Here are just a few:



The registered investment advisory firm needed to adapt to their increasing remote working force. The Enterprise File Fabric offered them remote working support, security, governance and collaboration all together in one turnkey service in the cloud.

Jonathan Dursteler, Director of Technology at Adams Wealth Advisors, said: “the transition to the cloud has been pretty easy and our users have been using the system seamlessly.” He adds: “we are pleased and happy with the File Fabric and have streamlined our processes while also improving our security and compliance.”

    • Read full case study here.



Headquartered in the Philippines, this bank has grown rapidly recently putting legacy systems under strain. Consequently it undertook a revision of systems, including enhancing data accessibility for end users coupled with disaster recovery.

SME’s Enterprise File Fabric, was deployed to 1000 bank staff, enabling end users to securely access data from the Cloudian object storage as well as all the bank’s existing cloud and on premises data. All data is encrypted, all movements are recorded in secure audit logs, providing total confidence for the bank and its customers. The Enterprise File Fabric enables the bank’s staff to share information both internally and externally simply and securely.

    • Read full case study here.



The manufacturing company decided they needed a better system to organize and manage their digital archive while also reducing the cost of storage. They decided to implement the Enterprise File Fabric to manage access to the digital archives along with Cloudian HyperStore® for on-premises object storage.

The File Fabric has provided a single namespace for data, reduced data complexity and improved ROI by facilitating the use of a multi-cloud object storage environment.

      • Read full case study here.



This professional civil engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture firm uses the Nasuni file services platform, which provides an SMB interface to object storage data stored on Azure. When faced with the challenge of remote access to SMB files and disparate Cloud Silos TNP chose the File Fabric to simplify and consolidate their file and storage access.

IT Director Todd Dughman said: “For TNP consolidation of data – to Nasuni – and security – to Active Directory on the File Fabric has been the key to streamlining internal and external collaboration processes, while making life easier for TNP staff and the IT team in particular. Now we don’t need to juggle data across multiple platforms. I am incredibly happy with the outcome.”

        • Read full case study here.


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