Enterprise File Fabric 2021 Highlights | Top 5 Features

2021 has followed in the wake of the previous year with companies still trying to adapt to the new hybrid working situation that has been presented to them. The Enterprise File Fabric™ was conceived from the beginning to address the challenges of data sprawl and multi / hybrid storage environments and its features are continually updated and strengthened to facilitate remote working and collaborating from anywhere with existing company data.

This year, these features of the Enterprise File Fabric have made it to our top 5*:

*(and we could have easily added  SMBStream, our accelerated VPN-Less access to SMB shares for remote workers but as we already listed it in our New Products highlights we will simply give it a special mention!)


1 | Frictionless access to File and Object data directly from Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams does not provide access to existing corporate file storage or object storage, either on-prem or in the cloud and this is where the Enterprise File Fabric comes in, providing frictionless access and collaboration to SMB files shares and/or object storage directly from Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams channels.

The File Fabric also adds other great features including built in-previewers, MS office online editing integration, PHI / PII continuous scanning of data and content search of data, making employees more secure as well as more productive.


2 | Frictionless external user collaboration

The File Fabric provides many ways to collaborate with external users, from the use of the integrated MS Teams environment as described above, through to Slack integration and integration with best of breed co-authoring and document collaboration software such as Microsoft Office Online, which enables Office Online be used to edit documents even when they are on local file shares or in the cloud on storage such as Amazon S3 or Azure object storage.

One of the many collaboration features that has been used a lot by companies and end users, particularly during the pandemic is the ‘drop folders’ feature which lets users drop a link to a folder with files they want to share or as a link to files they wish to receive.

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3 | Ransomware Protection and Recovery

The Enterprise File Fabric provides built in Ransomware protection in which files for all users, whether in the office, remote or hybrid can be transparently protected and frictionlessly recovered.

This feature can be used to backup Office 365  and Microsoft Teams data to Amazon S3/Glacier or to backup an SMB share onto low cost storage such as BackBlaze, Wasabi or Google Nearline.

The aim is to ensure high availability of data with two different data stores be they public or private


4 | Enterprise Content Search.

Enterprise Search enables the content from different on-premises or on-cloud data sources to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorized users, based on their access permissions. Think of it like a web search engine but for company data.

When companies are working remotely away from the office content search becomes a killer feature not only aiding employee productivity but massively increasing return on investment.

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5 | AutoCAD Previewer.

A much requested features from our AEC customers , the File Fabric now supports the previewing of AutoCAD® and other similar 2D and 3D modelling formats through the File Fabric’s Web File Manager.


Remember you can always schedule a demo or contact us for more information about the File Fabric or any of these features.

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