Enterprise File Fabric 2021 Highlights | What has been said about Storage Made Easy?

During 2021, our new features and improvements have been followed up by top publications across the globe and our team has been featured in many publications.

Here is a list of what has been said about Storage Made Easy and the Enterprise File Fabric this year:

1 | Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021. Storage Made Easy: the  name says it all.

The Technology Era, had a conversation with Jim Liddle, the CEO and Co-founder of Storage Made Easy to find out more about the company and why it is one of the most disruptive technology companies of the year.

Read full article here.


2 | People are both the weakest link and the strongest line of defense. 

Cybernews reached out to Dan Stone, our COO to discuss the concept of secure file storage and why companies might be at risk if they opt for storing information locally.

Read full article here.

3 | Challenges and Solutions for Media and Entertainment Customers in a Remote Work World

Eric Toczek, our Director of Sales Engineering, wrote an article for The Silicon Review about the many obstacles that M&E companies are facing as they look to modernize their technology stack, and how through tools like the Enterprise File Fabric customers have been able to move into new technologies and approaches to data management.

Read full article here.

4 |  Top Cyber Security Concerns.

Dan Stone, our COO, gave an insight into the most pressing cyber security concerns from company’s CISO’s for The Enterprise World.

Read full article here.

5 |  Why Remote Work is accelerating the adoption of Object Storage.

Steven Sweeting, Director Product Manager wrote a piece for Analytics Insight on how remote working users can work with file stores remotely.

Read full article here.

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