Enterprise File Fabric for Media and Entertainment: Latest Updates

New Media and Entertainment features, customer success stories and the possibility of meeting our team in person for personalised M&E advice. We keep enhancing the File Fabric for M&E version to keep up with the latest industry challenges.



1. WEBSTREAM: ProRes / MXF Streaming | Early Access.

The Enterprise File Fabric’s newly added WebStream capability delivers video playback in your browser for professional media formats, including ProRes and MXF files. End users can now quickly and effectively search, locate, and scrub through large video formats without having to use desktop tools or plugins.

2. SMBSTREAM New Feature: Ultra fast and secure, VPN-less access to remote SMB shares for Hybrid Workers.

SMBStream overcomes SMB protocol and VPN bottlenecks improving throughput up to 20X compared to standard VPN connections. It is a site-to-site gateway that accelerates users’ secure access to office bound or cloud bound SMB shares. Through local access points, users and applications have transparent access to the file data they need in real-time without a VPN.



Arsenal F.C. demonstrates the value they get from the File Fabric.

One of our top sport broadcasting customers, Arsenal F.C, joined us for a virtual meeting where they demoed some of the cool features and business benefits that the Enterprise File Fabric offers. Aliki Rodgers, Senior Production Engineer from Arsenal, showed why they chose the File Fabric, how they use it and how they integrated it into their MAM:



We’ll be attending NAB Las Vegas and MPTS London.

If you are attending NAB in Las Vegas, you can book a one to one chat with our M&E specialists here.

If you are attending MPTS in London, you can book a one to one chat with our M&E specialists here.



M-Stream® : File Transfer Acceleration feature exclusive to the Enterprise File Fabric.

This technology speeds up the uploading, downloading and copying of very big files providing an accelerated media transporter for moving files using storage such as Amazon S3, Azure, Google Storage, Desktop (CIFS, NFS, SMB, SAN, NAS etc), OpenStack and other S3 compatible clouds.

Check out the M-Stream® Technical Data Sheet here.

Enterprise File Fabric Podcast

In the Episode #3 of our Storage Master Series we had a conversation with Doug Soltesz, Director of Product Solutions at SME about QUIC and Fast File Transfer Acceleration.
He shed some light on what the QUIC protocol is, the impact it is likely to have, who is using it today, and how Storage Made Easy intends to use QUIC to complement its Fast File Transfer Acceleration feature, M-Stream.

Listen to it here.

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