File Fabric Feature Focus – Collaborating on the move using FileBox

The File Fabric has lots of hidden cool features that are very powerful and as a part of a new series of posts on File Fabric features we are going to kick off with a feature called ‘FileBox’.

FileBox is a feature that enables files to be emailed, from any standard email client, directly into any FileBox nominated folder, or shared team folder.

This is great for collaborating on the move when working in project teams as it prevents the need for downloading a file attachment and then uploading it. Users can simply ‘cc’ or ‘forward’ an email to a pre-set email address.

If the folder in question has notification subscriptions enabled then users  who subscribe to the folder will instantly be notified of the new file.

There are two types of ways of using FileBox. The first is simply for a personal user. Navigate to  the user DashBoard and setup a personal FileBox address.

FileBox can be configured to accept the contents of an email and the attachment, or just an attachment. It can also be configured to create a new folder from the subject line of the email for each inbound email, or not.

The second way of using FileBox is to setup an email address for nominated team folders:

Anyone who has access to the team folder can now choose to email emails and/or file attachments directly to it.

To prevent spam FileBox requires two elements to accept and process the email. The first is a valid unique FileBox email address, and the second is that the senders email is either a valid user in the system or is added as an email that is allowed to send to FileBox.

FileBox can be used with almost any storage endpoint including Amazon S3, Azure, Google Storage, or Object Storage such as Cloudian, Scality, SwiftStack  or other OpenStack or S3 compatible clouds.

Note also that content added int his way will be instantly indexed using the File Fabric Content Search and Discovery feature (if enabled).

It is a powerful feature for teams that are on the move and who need to get things back into a central repository quickly so that other users can begin using or working on the information. It is especially useful for teams who work in construction, healthcare, consultancy etc.

The FileBox feature is available on the File Fabric SaaS Hosted service, the IaaS service and also in the on-premises enterprise version of the product.

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