File Fabric Feature Focus – File Sharing Link Security and Governance

One of the challenges that many companies face with regards to Governance and Compliance is that of understanding why shared links were created and shared, something we refer to as Shared Link Contexts.

This is important not only for organisational security but is also effective when  there is a requirement to respond to the ‘why’ data was shared aspect of information compliance.

To facilitate companies to be able to more effectively respond to information requests and have deeper security insights to shared data the File Fabric has an enforceable policy option which can be turned on for Teams in which users are required to enter whom the link is shared with and why.

Once this set users will be required to add this additional information  before a shared link can be created, and this ripples down through and of the File Fabric Apps or App integrations.

Below is an example of the policy being invoked from Mac Mail when the File Fabric shared link button is clicked. A smiler process would also occur for Outlook or anywhere else shared links were attempted to be created.

The File Fabric provides this feature above any on-premises or on-cloud storage as through its multi-cloud single pane of glass access and management technology.

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