My Favourite Feature: File Locking

SME File Locking IconMy name is Giada and I am Sales Director for Storage Made Easy.

One of the principles of the company is to work with the clients, understand their business and build a product that satisfy their needs by enhancing a feature-rich interface.  File locking is one of the most needed by organizations in today’s business environment. Users are constantly working on the same document and a restriction to file access is sometimes mandatory.

File Locking

File locking allows access to only one user, while guarantee subsequent access to the other users. While the file is locked, it’s set as read only mode for other users.

File locking prevent file overwriting and data loss and is available for OS: Linux, Microsoft and Mac as well mobile app: Android, iOS, Microsoft.

You can find out more about how file locking facilitates collaboration in the cloud here.


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