File Fabric Feature Focus – CloudZip provides zipped downloads of folders

We recently rolled out a brand new feature that we would like to highlight, called CloudZip.

CloudZip enables users to download zipped copies of their folders in .zip, .tar, or .tar.gz formats.

Ito works for any of the on-premises or on-cloud endpoints that are mapped to a File Fabric Account.

To use it simply right click a folder and select the required zip option.

In the example above we are selecting video media asset files stored on Google Drive (although we could have chosen Amazon S3, Azure or any of the other 60+ storage endpoints the File Fabric supports) and choosing to .tar the files.

The download starts and once completed the media files can be un-archived,.

The feature is currently available on the the SME hosted on-demand File Fabric and it will be released in version 1807 into the enterprise on-premises File Fabric.

More details can be found on the Wiki.

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