My Favourite Feature: Folder Permissions

I am Zaeem, SME’s Pre Sales Executive. I was asked to share my favourite SME feature with you all, so I thought hard about what was it for me that really stood out.

From the colossal arsenal of features like locking, client tools, file-sharing annotations, auditing, AD integration …….. so on and so forth. I had to pick one, but it was not that difficult for me, to decide what I think is one of the best, if not the best feature. My winner is Folder Permissions.

With this feature the Administrator gets the ultimate control over the data, they can decide who gets access to any specific folder who can read/download, upload/edit files can manage the folder or has absolutely no access to that folder.

For the folder tree structure this can be done at the parent level or all the way down to the sub folder level.

These permissions can be granted to individual users or groups of users pooled together by assigning of roles. Which might not be a massive deal for small organizations but with organizations who have hundreds of users this is a huge help.

In yester years this was only possible with expensive networks running huge machines managed by experienced System administrators but now almost anyone can have this at their fingertips using SME as long as they have a PC and access to the internet.

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