GoodBye Google Search Appliance – hello federated enterprise content search !

Google Search ApplianceGoogle recently announced that the Google Search Appliance is being end of life’d with the GSA renewals ending in 2018 and support ending in 2019.

Google’s appliance was intended for companies that want to be able to search internal documents and a Google partner ecosystem was built up  to integrate the appliance’s search with customer document data stores.

The question for existing customer and new incumbent users however is ‘what now?’

There are a myriad of use cases in which people can use the GSA but if the primary use is for company documents then the Storage Made Easy Enterprise Appliance with the content search module could be a viable alternative.

The Content search module extends the functionality of the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync solution. Content can be searched across private and public cloud repositories including CIFS, Salesforce, Amazon S3, SharePoint, Alfresco, FTP, DropBox or any other combination of connectors. from the 50+ supported.

Google Search Appliance Replacement

File Access Controls can be applied consistently across multiple disparate data stores as they are interested with corporate identity management system ie. Active Directory or LDAP. This means Document / role based security are enforced so users only see documents and data that they are authorized to access.

Google Search Appliance LDAP

Native clients for Mac, Windows, Linux and for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone are supported and take advantage of these content search features.

Google Search Appliance replacement

Google Search Appliance iOS

Google’s Search Appliance is priced by the number of documents in collections but Storage Made Easy price by user so the number of documents to index is not a factor.

Storage Made Easy takes advantage of  Apache Solr which is recognised as being one of the most scalable and reliable search engines available.

Unlike the black box nature of Google’s search results Storage Made Easy provides a rich search interface to be able to tune search results.

If you would like to know more then please feel free to contact us.

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