How To Easily Create Private Password Protected Amazon S3 Links And Folders

As Amazon S3 has become more widely used the thorny issue of sharing files has become more of an issue. Sharing files on S3 can be complex and can involve public buckets, IAM Policies and temp URL’s. This complexity has often lead to companies setting buckets to public to enable access which in turn has led to its own issues in terms of breaches or unauthorised access.

We designed the File Fabric to, amongst other things, make secure sharing of S3 Files easy (and files from other storage clouds such as Microsoft Azure etc).

Files can be transparently encrypted using FIPS certified encryption as they are transmitted to Amazon S3 and when individual files links are generated they can be password protected, time restricted, and can be limited by the number of downloads.

Such links can also be created on the move from Mobile devices also.

As an example here is an S3 password protected link:

This file is stored on S3 and the link is password protected. The password is ‘FileFabric’. It simply links to a solution brief of the File Fabric.

Pseudo S3 Folders can be shared in a similar way and if required the password can be shared using two factor file sharing in which the recipients phone numbers is entered and the password is delivered over SMS (requires Twilio credentials).

Additionally such folders can be set to receive files from an external recipient by checking the ‘Set as Drop Folder’ option.

The File Fabric is available as a SaaS service, an an enterprise on-premises edition but also as a free personally hosted edition.

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