How to Easily Play Cloud Stored MXF File Formats

MXF PlaybackThe File Fabric is an excellent tool for Media and Entertainment customers managing their media assets. It provides file acceleration, metadata and file name search, in addition to new content intelligence features, built-in media info generation and Cloud-based Machine Learning capabilities (scene, logo, face and landmark detection, annotations, and speech transcription among others). When users find their asset and want to preview/play the video it’s easy for mp4 files, we enable users to do an ‘in-browser’ playback of those media assets.

But what if mp4 isn’t your primary format, what if you’re a media customer storing all your video assets in the MXF format, or even formats like Quicktime or Raw DV? That’s where our CloudEdit tool comes in to help out.

CloudEdit is designed to allow users to double-click on a file in the File Fabric web File Manager, and open that file in a native desktop application that supports that file type. For example, a user double clicks an Excel file in the File Manager, and CloudEdit downloads the file to the local machine and launches Microsoft Excel (or whatever the OS file association is for that file type).

So with a small configuration change in the Enterprise File Fabric, we can enable CloudEdit to open all file types, not just office documents:

That’s all it takes! Now, once users find the MXF file they want to view/edit, they simply double click on it in the web browser, and CloudEdit is launched on the desktop and automatically opens the file locally with the associated app for the .mxf file extension. Users are able  to easily playback and watch the MXF file using an open source client like VLC or others and it is totally automated and transparent.

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Eric Toczek

Director of Sales Engineering at Storage Made Easy
Eric is responsible for technical presales activities at Storage Made Easy.