How to survive the next S3 outage with a business continuity backup Cloud

Were you one of the companies hit by the recent S3 outage ? Files for customers unavailable ? Business disrupted ? Outages can happen to anyone, even Amazon, but if you were prepared you need not have been affected.

Storage Made Easy hosted and enterprise products have a built in function that provides business continuity in the event of such an outage and I will step you through how it works.

First you need to setup your primary data cloud. In this case Amazon S3. This will add it to the SME system and SME will index the metadata about the S3 files (all files remain in-situ on S3).

Amazon S3 backup

You can choose through the wizard that is invoked whether this is one bucket or several buckets.

Once this is done Amazon S3 files will be available to be used via the SME service which offers a lot of benefits to S3 users such as, for example, password protected files and folders, time expired links, FTP and WebDav access, plus a whole heap of their value added features and Apps.

Once Amazon has been added as a primary cloud then you can add what we refer to as a backup or archive file cloud which can be on-premises or cloud based. Once added this will kick off an automate sync  to copy data that is on Amazon S3 to whatever file store is chosen, and over 50 on-premises and cloud storage services are provided.

Amazon S3 backup

Thereafter when every any new file is added to S3 a Sync task is created to also upload the file to the backup cloud.

If in the future Amazon S3 is down or unavailable then the SME service will continue to provide read only access to the file from the backup cloud providing business continuity during the outage.

S3 backup






This works for any combination of on-premises and on-cloud storage from any of the 50+  Connectors that SME supports.


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